Richie goes Swede Antique

Gustavianska möbler är verkligen så fina och mysiga. Formen är tidlösa och eleganta. En av min favo från då tiden.

Bilderna nedan är från sen 1700-talet-1900-talet

I love the Gustavian epoke so much. It's forms is timeless and elegant.

The photos are from the last 2 centuries(1700-1900) though it's still in demand wherever you are.

Are you someone who like or adore old things as I am? The prob is in my part is that: my furnitures aren't old enough and if I mix the old & new in my abode, it will be a funny mixture. So, I used to visit Bukowski.This is an auction house in Stockholm where you can find the finest antiques. I loved being there wandering around.


3 kommentarer:

  1. What beautiful things..I thing antiques are lovely..My stuff is a mix up of everything..including junk..but it is a house full of love..

  2. I love old pieces are they usually have so much meaning and add a unique style to a room. Hope you are having a good week! Amanda x


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