Mountain Week-End Retreat

Efter som sagt jobbig veckan, hade jag bestämt att åka bort (på låtsas) i fjällen. Jag älskar den lugna och tystnaden. Jag kan sitta där och tänker bara det goda livet. Jag önskar verkligen att alla vi "ladies" i cyber rymden gör denna då & då. Det rensar kroppen, hjärnan och själen. Vem inte vill det? Som sagt, att "livet är så kort"så... HÄNG MED!!!

After the stressy week has been for me, I decided to just go to the mountains (of course, not for real) well, how I wish i could. I love the peace, quite & the solemnly sorroundings of the mountains. I can sit there just with wandering thoughts of the good old days. It's healthy, in a way, that I wish all of us ladies, here in cyber space, can have a day or two day offs and just be ourselves. It cleanses our bodies, our minds & our spirits. Am I right?
Who of YOU, don't want a week-end retreat? As, quote said, "life is too short"... SO C´MON... LET'S GO! Hope all ladies, who visit my blogsite, enjoy my w/end retreat! Take Care

3 kommentarer:

  1. the first picture..very peaceful..keeping you in my thoughts..Have a happy weekend my dear friend..

  2. You are right! I would love a love a spa weekend!! Beautiful pictures:D

  3. Re:Rrosebud

    A million thanks for giving me the nice support of my weary moment.
    You're such a kind friend whom I keep near to my heart.

    Hope you enjoy your w/end.

    Re: Lisa

    Cool that you peek me back. Hope you enjoy the w/end.


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