Begåvade asiater/Talented Filipino Designers

These are the furnitures of our young filipino furniture designers had created, an eco-friendly manufacturer Nature's Legacy leads the charge in green furniture, with products that are made from cast-off leaves and twigs. The manufacturing process involves the employment of locals unemployed craftsmen.
This is an exciting new area of opportunity which more Philippine furniture companies should explore. The availability of a myriad of resources and a skilled labor force which allows for a cleaner, greener manufacturing process open the doors for new designs and marketing concepts.
Nature's Legacy has built its success on a trend that has been confirmed to hold its own in terms of niche marketing, but the real promise comes as the rest of the world catches on. Beauty in modern form and function.

A unique cane furnitures/Unik rotting möbler
Shells curtain decors/Snäckedekorationer

Porch pot/urna

Their new products that you can really appreciated. 100% eco friendly materials.

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  2. Tack med!

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