Nygammal utemöbler/OLDIES BUT GOODIES

Hej alla blogvänner ut i cyberspacen!!! Hoppas att helgen gick bra med Er med fint väder, god mat och god folk omkring oss som gör livet>>>> Underbart...

Som sagt, här hemma är det fullt upp hela tiden. Sen i torsdags hade jag jobbat med våra gamla utemöbler så det blir fin inför nästa helg fest. Mycket slippanden och gnugganden men allting har sitt pris.

Hi all my blog friends out in the cyberspace. The w/end went too quick w/ nice weather, palatable food and of course people i feel cozy with we're around me, makes my w/end wonderful. As I stated from my recent post that in my home, it's always busy. I been furnishing our old garden furniture since thursday. Too much job but I'm satisfied though as I have a BIG prize after all.

This is how it looks like before the Make-OVER
After the MAKE-OVER..OLDY but GOODY...
Ja, verkligen skillnad. Lite tid och mycket svärandet *fniss voilá...
Voilá! just a lil swore things and a lil time, it really makes a big different. Now, that the porch floor was applied w/ treatment oil and the walls painted in white, so, LADIES... LET'S GO PARTY... EVERYBODY ARE INVITED TO MY ??? BIRTHDAY PARTY NEXT WEEK-END...Drop by and hope you'll.. enjoy.

Några bilder förr och efter verandan/Some pix b4 & after the porch half done...
Still doing the finishing touches

Inte så fint än men det kommer. En bloggvän till mig Sandra, från Argentina sa åt mig ngn gång att "livet är ett projekt". Jo då, hon är rätt...

I guess, the porch isn't that fit yet, but it will come. We still in the make-over phase and as my blog friend Sandra from Argentina said once was that, "Life is a project" and she's damn right. Thanks, Sandra for giving a heads UP.

6 kommentarer:

  1. ohh you are doing a great job on your porch... I just called with my daughter and she told me she is sitting on a porch somewhere out of Philadelphia with friends... and now I see your beautiful project!! you have such a sweet wooden house and the white washed floor looks great;)
    I hope you will have a wonderful birthday party next weekend and I wish you a happy birthday already I won't be around for a while as from Wednesday I have to go to the hospital and after that a few weeks of getting better. But I hope I will drop in very soon again at yours.

  2. Great job Chie! Oh I love parties, I'm sure it will be a fabulous night! You husband is looking very busy doing his woodwork projects.
    Millie ^_^

  3. Re: Des

    TY for coming & those sweet words. Sad that u can't come over for my party.

    I will save some for you, so better get well soon.

  4. Re: Mille

    Yes, indeed... My handyman is so busy. He can't sit & take it easy awhile.

    All those works is his & he done almost 300 pieces spring rolls. He's really a STAR.

    Hope u can come over for a drink or 2 & lotsa tucker §:-))

  5. Ohhhhh Richie!!!! The job you are making in the porch is great!!!!!

    (Thank you very much for your comment♥♥)

  6. RE: Sandra
    Ur giving me so much good tips and that's the reason am doing well §:-))


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