Nu känns det att jag är en väderflicka *fniss Hela dagen är underbar, varm och lugn. Tänkt att man har sån här dag jämt och nu i helgen vi får en varm helg runt 30 grader. Är det inte underbart? Ha en skön helg allihoppa med Era nära och kära och ta hand om varandra.

It seems that I am a weather forecaster. I been looking out how's the weather this week & next week. A bit worried due to my party bash. Anyway, our weather is absolutely beautiful and even the week-end w/ it's 30 degrees warm. Isn't it amazing for a swedish summer? I hope everybody enjoys the summer heat and of course w/ your loveones. Take and ENJOY!!!

Here you can find me this w/end, our rendevouz in Chemas Beach Resort In Samal, Davao City, Philippines

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  1. Oooh you have a link to your blog now....fabulous! Your new blog is beautiful and so is the retreat you have posted. Have a great weekend Chie! A-M xx

  2. Re: A-M

    It has been under constraint opening a new blogsite as my old one isn't working as I wanted!

    Thanks for dropping by & it's wonderful having a w/end retreat this warm summer w/end.


  3. Ohhhhhhh my God!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful place my friend!!!! I love it♥♥♥


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