What's Up?

Yeah! still going up here @DaBox...

Days goes so quickly. It's June now, but our Mother Nature is not in the mood sharing her likes. Right? The Swedish weather is like a roller coaster. Sometimes its sunny, sometimes hail, sometimes rainy and sometimes, soooo cloudy.

But, we're enjoying whatever it may be

The garden it's blooming in it's BEST...
 Our sundeck is a year now and we all love it specially when sun shine on us...
My fresh pick lilacs lays in my new vase
My smoothie Creation for my recipe book. New goblets from Svenskt Tenn
Our lounge summer look...

 In Sweden "Fika/coffee" time is a must. Enjoying outside, while it last.
Some of the compositions for my upcoming recipe book (Pinoy Style)

This is how I spent my days if I am not working. Soon, we are also downsizing. And that time can be stressy. I been looking around and many of my fine things must be sell out. My heart break. to let them go.

THE SCOOP is one of my fave link party. The ladies who are hosting are fantastic.

 Will be joining Marty with her party today.
And so to Susan on Thursday.

Wow! Feels ages joining this party...

Mix and Match Tablesettings

Settings that I called my own style...

Knowing that we have different styles, different likes, I also want you to show my kitchen love, that I haven't shown you for awhile. To be able to refresh your memory about me *giggle, my dear bloggers, because I was not that active as I was Before. Instagram and my travels took my time, LoL*_*

In my long months of absence, below shows that I still love tablescaping and still love my plates and I am still a "Meme Lover".
These are one of my fave set that I will bring wherever I live 
 Flowers, fresh fruits and my cups? These are the one who makes me more happy
A blogger is a Lifetime Blogger... Am I trendy now?
Being a Trainingfreak, I created my smoothies and that made me even healthier
This is my version of Filipino Boodle fight. I included this on my table today because, this is one of how we, Filipinos have parties. This is my first time doing in my home in Sweden.
Boodle fight, is a military way of eating, however, it became a famous and unique dining.
It's More Fun in The Philippines, against all odds.

Hope you join me again in my funtime @DaBox. Maybe this is the last summer, we live in this house as we planned to move to The Philippines (half year in Sweden-half year in Davao City, Phils.)
And When that time come, I will surely share "The New Life @Greta), a name of our house that is still under develop.

Stay tune, dear friends and I can't wait to ask you some help, maybe? We know well that we are here to inspire us? Thank You once again.

I am joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch
Thank You Susan for all the inspiration since 2008 (I guess?) playing with you and your memes.

Too many to reveal...a life changes

But, will tell a bit now & later...

When you're enjoying life to the fullest, did you notice that the time just pass by on the tip of your nose?

Well, I feel that so. I am having a blast now, when I have the time to enjoy. No rush, no stress. Yes, I was in the Philippines for 8 weeks and trip around Asia. That is how a globetrotter do, isn't it Ate Christine? I know you were in the Philippines and side tripping around Asia. LoL*

Many things happened and of course, I take one step at a time. Blessing comes, blessing goes. That's Life too?

First thing, first reveal is that, I bought 2 houses when I was downthere. Am I crazy? I guess, a bit but my decision was "Now or Never". It might be a coincidence or just my faith. But, I played my cards and that was it.

Our Little Sara
This is a townhouse kind, a tiny one but it is good enough for us for the time being while building the second.
GH is checking for the finishing touches... I will be visisting once again on October to do the interior thing. My kind of chores...
Welcome to Camella Trails, Tagum City, Davao del Norte. This is our street from the Hi-way.
Just 5 minutes from Robinson Shopping Mall. The biggest mall in the city.

This is our Greta, with the plan... She is still working hard to finish and welcome The Nics and DaBox in Stockholm, Sweden might be on sale, sooner or later. I have now 4 houses in the country and 1 in Sweden is not easy to handle. One or 2 have to break up with Us.
In the maintime, I am happy and blessed. The kids are all grown up as well as my granddaughter Noomi.

She's on summer holiday in Boracay, Philippines
Taken in Seoul & Busan... OMG, she is also a globetrotter kid!

While the kiddos are busy with their own lives, the old Mumma went to a chillaxing mode. Now, is my time to relax and explore the World.
Here I am, doing footspa. I love it.
Feeling I am the Queen, ain't she? LoL*
Posed like a superstar at Raffles Hotel, Singapore
Good friends stay together, dance forever...
Had a time for a morning swim
Bonding with my childhood best friend

These are just some of the things, I been up to lately. It sounds I am having a great time and indeed, I had a great one.

Hope you all have a great time, wherever and whatever you do. Just remember, life is too short. Make the best of it. Have a wonderful Sunday and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL. Sweden will celebrate it's MD on the 28th and I will be sharing the day with you again.

GOD BLESS US ALL. Keep the Peace in your heart.

A Bit Too Long Absence from Blogging

Hello my Blogger World!!!

It's been soooo... many months I wasn't able to post anything in my blog diary. Isn't it a shame? OMG! I was really sorry for not being active. I wonder why I don't had the time? For that time being, I had so much to do, like the drama of our bathroom. That took eternity to finished  and that Christmas, was my big day.
I took my diploma/certified in Hotel & Management.
Jean-Michel Guerin (our teacher)

OK, that was one of the highlight of my Life. Being a mother, a student and a worker, was not an easy tasks. I been like crawling of all my responsibilities but at the end I tackled all of them.
As one of the best student, I got a trip to climb the Great Wall of China.
It was an awesome experience. Hubby reached the peak & I was just a 10 mins away.
Forbidden City
Ming's grave, his wife and their treasures (Ming Dynasty era)
Almost there...
Then, came the New Year. It was my turn to do the welcoming of the New Year of 2017. Planning what to do was not easy, either. Do I sound, complaining? LoL*

A wonderful Christmas at DaBox
New Year's Eve...

January came and I was sick, so much with the infections and at the end of that month, I decided to quit my job as an Account Manager due to many reasons. One is outsource and the other was almost bullied (not to mention) everything happened. I was relieved after all. I have a long years of relaxing, no stress and I started living my Life.

So, February came, hubby booked my ticket bound for an 8 weeks vacation in The Philippines. 4 weeks for myself and after he will come over for 4 weeks. So, I was indeed excited to be with my loveones for so long. First time in almost 35 years. I do, visit them but the longest was 4 weeks.
HELLO! I'm here, ALIVE in the southern part of the Philippines, Samar 
Attended a garden wedding at Waterfront Insular Hotel, Davao City
Stranded as the river overflowed 
The local houses are drowned and the water level was still filling up that time.
The street, the way to our house...

Oh yeah! It was a lot to adjust and learnt again. It was a great time, somehow. Experiencing back the good old days. Not funny with the calamities, i.e the political issues, the natural calamities, the civil war. These problems is unknown to international knowledge. But, hey! These are real. I thought, "those things I experienced when I was young was solved"? Another issues, another knowledge for a non-filipino Citizen inclusive myself.

Then, hubby came, March 12 ! Feels forever waiting. The first time, we were separated for a long time. He came with a surprise! As April 3, was our 28th wedding anniversary, he booked a trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Wasn't it FUN! Another adventure. You know me in travelling. OMG! so excited.

This tree called after Angelina Jolie's Tom Raider
We Went up on Angkor Wat Temple in a sizzling hot Cambodia.
Reflection of Angkor Wat in midday was not easy...
The peak attraction is the sunrise over the temple. We waited 3 hours to see the sun rises

Well, I wish I could share all the photos I have from that adventure. We been climbing up and down, like 6 temples out of their 480 temples around Siem Reap. Ha ha... do you think my knees managed? That's a question to be answered... later, *wink*

That's all for now folks and I promise to update often as Before.

Have a nice day and hope you had a great Easter.
God Bless Everyone...

I guess, I give a new chance to attend Marty's party...
Marty. so sorry, I missed all your parties, but now, I am back and will cope all my absences.
Thank You.
P.S. but I never missed your updates. I been following and Reading about your progress.


Another FAVE blog is Yvonne

Thank You, Maam Yvonne for Always inspiring me, too...

What's Up?

Yeah! still going up here @DaBox... Days goes so quickly. It's June now, but our Mother Nature is not in the mood sharing her like...